Video Case Study: & Rivet Works for BigCommerce


Kate Dillon, Founder and CEO of, grew up racing. Dillon’s business and its network of experts are dedicated to growing and sustaining the Crate Racing industry. Their goal is to connect the people and products that propel the industry forward. Passion is at the heart of this connection, and Dillon wanted to tap into the passion of the community to help achieve their goal.

In the past, connecting was limited to social networks. Dillon saw her customers sharing and liking Crate Insider’s social posts and creating posts of their own, but none of this enthusiasm was reflected on her own website. Basic ratings and review functionality helped address some of the gap, but a review didn’t allow customers to really tell their story.


Watch Dillon’s video and hear her story, or scroll down to read more.



Dillon chose Rivet Works to capture rich customer-generated stories. The content includes photos of customers’ race cars and details about the car and engine type, where they race, and what products they use from Crate Insider. The passion Crate Insider customers’ have for the sport is front and center on the site and merchandised throughout the shopping experience.

“Rivet Works allows my customers to share their passion right on my website,” said Dillon.


A seamless integration between the Rivet Works platform and the BigCommerce platform delivers an automated stream of high-quality, authentic content. The result? A passionate community can tell their stories directly with Crate Insider. Dillon has a content engine delivering value every day that required very little of her time to set up.


Fear: Customers would not submit quality content.

Fact: 100% of submissions have been approved.


Fear: It would be really difficult to integrate Rivet.

Fact: Crate Insider launched with Rivet in just 3 days.


“I didn’t have to do anything other than answer a few questions!” said Dillon. “Rivet Works took care of all of the code and all of the implementation. And they followed up! Wow! I’ve had a couple of questions along the way, and they’ve always responded in a very timely fashion. I have been impressed along every step of this journey!”



What’s next

Now that Crate Insider’s user-generated content program has launched and is picking up speed, the future includes attracting new customers through the passion of Dillon’s existing customer base.”Right now, I feel there is a greater connection between my customers and my company. I look forward to utilizing this content to strengthen my customer base and encouraging new customers to be a part of it,” said Dillon.How can you use UGC to fuel your business growth? If you’re due for acceleration, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss next steps.