Telic Brings Authenticity to Ecommerce with Rivet Works

Telic, maker of the New York Times Reader’s Choice Award for “Best Comfort Shoe,” is creating a blueprint for success in the footwear industry. Recently, the company has adopted an innovative approach to better market their award-winning products.


Terry Stillman, Co-Founder and CEO of Telic, wanted to bring the brand closer to its online customers: “Shoes are meant to be tried on. We wanted to innovate by finding an authentic way to replicate the try-on process in order to validate the claims made about our products.”


While many retailers rely on ratings and reviews to inject social proof into the shopping experience, Terry saw the opportunity to take things a step further.



In a recent consumer survey, 53% of consumers said that they would be more likely to buy from a website that featured photos, videos, and stories of customers using products. Furthermore, the amount of consumers that preferred to view photos, videos, and stories when shopping more than doubled the amount of consumers that favored text-based reviews.


Acknowledging the need for a solution that would engage shoppers to share visual content, Telic teamed up with Rivet Works. Terry explained the decision, saying, “There’s only so much you can get out of text-based reviews. When you can ask customers to share visual content and answer questions about their experiences with a product, the website becomes much more interactive and authentic.”


Thus far, the addition of visual user-generated content to Telic’s website has been well received by shoppers. In fact, when shoppers engage with the dynamic Rivet Works content displays on the Telic site, they are on average 132% more likely to convert.



For Terry and the Telic team, the benefits of their user-generated content have extended beyond site experience. Terry discusses the various benefits of the content Telic is collecting through Rivet Works, saying, “User-generated content has helped us to better understand our customers — who they are, what activities they do, and how our products have impacted them. The visual content is also performing well on social media, where we are seeing high levels of engagement without the need to boost posts.”


You can learn more about Telic at  If you would like to add the Rivet Works app to your Shopify store, you can learn more at