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Get content faster than you can get a pizza. Yum.


Capture authentic content to post to social media. Your customer-generated content will perform 450% better than what you're posting today. You'll do more with less time and money -- it's free!

Setup in 15 Minutes

2 mins:  Install the app

3 mins:  Answer some questions about your store

10 mins:  Choose your settings or use our defaults

Click start, sit back, and R&R -- Rivet & Relax

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Rivet Works for Everyone

Learn how other sellers, like you, use Rivet Works to expand their marketing, capture great content, and grow their businesses.

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Rivet Works Better & Faster

Who has time to take on more? With our content app, you can take on a sophisticated marketing strategy without adding to your to-do list.

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Our automated process saves you time. On average stores are saving 3 hours a week. (If you want to geek out and learn more about the magic, click here.)

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Get more visual content through our app than any other solution available. The current record is 203 photos and videos in a single submission.

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Our system is smart. Content is automatically tagged with multiple product IDs, and displays the content on relevant store pages without human intervention.

How the Shopify Integration Works

15-minute setup and powerful automation that's constantly working for you.

1. Collect

The app connects to your Shopify store's API and imports order information. This data triggers email invitations to be sent to your customers. They click the invite and go through a survey-like process to submit their stories, which are tailored for you and may include video, photo, narrative, and lots of data.

2. Post

Each piece of content you receive may be used in your social channels immediately. Our Post to Facebook feature makes getting your content out on social incredibly easy. In just a few clicks you can schedule posts with authentic, high-performing content.

3. Display

Options include a shoppable gallery, category page filmstrip or carousel, and product page filmstrip or carousel. The JavaScript is added to your Shopify page templates. When the pages load, the displays will show only content approved by you and relevant for that page. Slick!

4. Improve

You'll learn what works and how to use it -- top content notifications for everyone, and conversion tracking and sales revenue influence reporting for paid plans.

Rivet Works delivers content faster than you can get a pizza. Add the app to your Shopify or Shopify Plus store!

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