Rivet Works Launches First BigCommerce Integrated Customer


For retailers, the opportunity to take their business online is more attractive than ever. In 2015, e-commerce sales accounted for 60.4% of total retail sales growth.

Making the transition from brick-and-mortar to an online store can offer many benefits — such as greater reach and enhanced reporting abilities — yet this move is not without its challenges.  For well-established stores, it is especially important to maintain your brand identity, despite taking a new approach to selling your product.



US Paint Supply is a great example of a historic brand that has made this transition well. Based out of Illinois, this family-run business is the United States’ source for all paint, tools, supplies, faux finishes, and HVLP parts. 

The company has been in business for over 40 years, making the transition from a physical location to an online store in 2013, and then launching a site with e-commerce software and shopping cart platform BigCommerce.

To maintain the brand’s authentic identity, US Paint Supply focused on creating content and optimizing their SEO results organically, a departure from the approach taken by many competitors in their industry.

With a foundation of positive engagement through reviews, they saw an opportunity to take their site experience a step further. The goal was to capture and display real customer experiences and visual content to show off the actual projects that customers were using their products for. To achieve this, US Paint Supply sought a flexible and easy-to-integrate platform to capture customer stories.

The solution was found in Rivet’s all-in-one content generation platform, which could be easily turned on via a custom integration for BigCommerce customers. Rivet’s platform was quickly integrated, and allowed US Paint Supply to engage their customers using the same post-purchase approach taken in soliciting reviews.

In less than a week, the company had high-quality, authentic customer-generated content displayed on the site. Customers have provided “before and after” stories of their projects — without being incentivized — complete with multiple photos, narratives, and more.




Store owner Tommy Ekstrand is pleased with the fast start, saying:

“Integrating the Rivet platform was a seamless experience. Reviewing submissions in the platform is easy and intuitive, and the content itself has been impressive. We have high expectations for how the content will perform as we repurpose and publish it across our content channels, and are excited to scale our efforts to generate more stories.”


Moving forward, US Paint Supply will be engaging all new customers at the post-purchase touch point, scaling the creation of content as their population of potential content creators grows.

See US Paint Supply’s Customer Gallery here: http://www.uspaintsupply.com/customer-gallery/