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You feel the need.

The need.

For speed.

Users love fast websites. Google ranks snappy websites higher. Merchants may sell more if their sites perform more quickly.


At Rivet Works, we like things to move fast, too.


Introducing Accelerator. Accelerator is a powerful trio of technologies that are purpose-built to ensure your customers stories load lightning fast.


While beautiful and compelling to your customers, photos and videos can sometimes take longer to load than consumers want. Accelerator solves this problem by combining three cutting edge capabilities — media edge caching, photo scaling, and video playback optimization — to ensure those engaging visuals shared by your customers are fast … really fast.

* Measurements based on BigCommerce- and Shopify-based ecommerce sites, 2019.
* Measurements based on BigCommerce- and Shopify-based ecommerce sites, 2019.

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A faster website, better customer experience, done for you. That's Riveting.


What is Accelerator?
Accelerator is a suite of capabilities that load customers stories, including photos and videos, much more quickly.


How much faster will content load?
While performance will vary from one site to another, Accelerator commonly speeds load times by 200-400% for media served by Rivet Works.


Will Accelerator speed up other parts of my website?
No, at this time Accelerator only applies to content served by Rivet Works


How do I turn this on?
Just give us the thumbs up and we will take care of everything. As long as Rivet Works has access to your store, we will configure it to start using Accelerator.


Give me more details, how does this work?
There are a suite of things we do to speed content delivery including image optimization, progressive load, and data caching. These actions means less data is sent to the browser while reducing latency in retrieving data from the cloud.


Will Google give me credit for a faster-loading site?
Maybe. It’s well-known that Google penalizes slow-loading sites and there is speculation that fast-loading sites may be favored over normal sites. But what you know for sure is that the faster your site performs, the higher the visitor's satisfaction, and that’s good for business.