New Marketing Approach Drives 10x More Results for Dingo Brands

Dingo Brand Case Study



Committed to bringing real solutions to pet owners that make their pets happy

Dingo Brands (Dingo) is part of the United Pet Group, Inc (UPG) division of Spectrum Brands Holdings, a member of the Russell 2000 Index and traded on the NYSE (SPB). UPG is committed to bringing real solutions to pet owners that make their pets happy. Dingo is most famous for making dogs happy with its patented, premium meat-in-the-middle rawhide chew.



Drive demand and strengthen market position through consumer data acquisition.

Dingo was facing two major challenges in the wake of consumer mobility.

  • Consumers had low brand recall for the wide variety of patented meat and rawhide products Dingo sells. Dingo had dedicated the majority of its marketing budget on the wholesale channel to create strong relationships with and distribution through major retailers such as Walmart, Walgreens, Petco and PetSmart. The end consumer was anonymous and elusive. Dingo needed to build a relationship, break through that anonymity, and capture digital consumer records to gain valuable market insights.
  • The patent for its meat-in-the-middle technology would expire in two years and a surge of competitive knock-offs would enter the pet treats category. Dingo knew that maintaining its market share and position in the category would require building stronger relationships with the millions of people who bought their products every year, of which only .4% were in their current consumer database. Dingo also knew that getting Dingo in the hands of pet owners created loyal consumers, even with low brand recall, because dogs love Dingo treats. This meant that Dingo needed to build stronger relationships with advocates and use them to drive demand through word of mouth.



Dingo chose Rivet to capture the attention of consumers, drive demand, and acquire new digital consumer records.

Dingo chose Rivet because of its scalable campaign capabilities.

“We are expanding our efforts to win the consumer. We want consumers to interact with us directly so that when they are in the aisle at Walmart or Walgreens, we are top of mind.  Mobile is the connective tissue that will allow us to build a relationship with the end consumer. It’s everywhere. Rivet’s platform gives us the flexibility we need to test, scale our efforts, and reach our goals,” explains Amanda Hilton, Director of Marketing and Consumer Awareness.

The first campaign launched on the Rivet platform replaced Dingo’s annual Dog Halloween Costume campaign, which has traditionally provided strong results. “Rivet’s platform allowed us to run our traditional Halloween campaign, but super charged it with a massive amount of social sharing, CRM data capture, loyalty program integration, and gamification,” said Hilton.



Campaign performance is 10x greater, drives demand for Dingo products, improves loyalty with existing customers and acquires new digital consumer records.

Improved Marketing & Campaign Performance

  • 10x more engaging than previous campaigns
  • Over 198,000 interactions over 4 weeks
  • 389% social share rate for photos
  • 5x more unique participants
  • 200% more photos captured
  • 60% of total campaign traffic was earned social traffic

Increased Demand

  • Rivet’s in-experience advertising capabilities drove a 15% conversion rate
  • 68% opt-in rate for Dingo email

Improves Loyalty and Engagement

  • 4,250 Dingo Loyalty Points awarded
  • Each participant voted on average 13 times
  • 60% of visits were repeat visits during the campaign period

New Digital Records Acquired

  • 60% of digital records acquired were net new to the Dingo database