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Are you struggling to come up with content to share on
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Using Magento? Experience the
Rivet Works Extension

Rivet Works for Magento makes it easy to collect customer-generated content and use it on your website and social accounts to drive engagement, traffic, and sales. Whether you’re using Magento Commerce, Community, or Open Source, we’ve got you covered.


Less Work, More Sales, Faster Results

Integrating Rivet Works is easy for all cloud-based Magento stores. We can help you get set up or work directly with your developer.


The Perfect Social Proof Solution for Ecommerce Companies

Rivet Works is changing the way you collect customer reviews and experiences.


Rivet Works for Fashion

“User-generated content has helped us to better understand our customers—who they are, what activities they do, and how our products have impacted them. The visual content is also performing well on social media, where we are seeing high levels of engagement without the need to boost posts.”

— Terry Stillman, Co-Founder and CEO of Telic  

Rivet Works for Automotive

“Everyone likes to see the experiences of others before making a purchase. Overall, Rivet Works has been great for our site.”

— Greg Randolph, VP of Marketing at Decked


Rivet Works for Home Improvement

“There is a ton of value in being able to see the product installed in 50-60 different ways. Customers can now be easily referred to a variety of setups, which is crucial to their shopping experience. Our customers are also having fun with their Rivet Works submissions. For example, we had a Denver Broncos fan include an additional photo of them all dressed up in orange and blue!”

— Karen Austin, Owner of Cycle Stop Valves

Using Magento Commerce? Explore Rivet Works Today


Increase Sales

53% of shoppers would be more likely to buy from a website that features photos and videos of customers using their product.


Always Have New Content to Share

57% of consumers said that they would be comfortable sharing content about products directly to a brand, compared to only 4% that said they would be comfortable sharing the same content on their personal social media pages.


Save Time

Who has time to take on more? On average stores are saving 3 hours a week. With our content app, you can take on a sophisticated marketing strategy without adding to your to-do list.

Here's How it Works:


1. Collect

By connecting to your store’s API, order information is automatically imported. This triggers email invitations to be sent to your customers where they submit their custom-tailored stories.


2. Post

Your new content can be used in your social channels immediately. Our Post to Facebook feature makes posting your content to your social feed incredibly easy.


3. Display

Simple JavaScript adds your choice of unique display options to your Magento page templates. Only relevant content approved by you is shown.


4. Improve

You'll learn what works and how to use it—top content notifications straight to your inbox, and conversion tracking and sales revenue influence reporting for paid plans.


Deliver the benefits of authentic, engaging, user-generated content to your clients. Our cloud-based platform has powerful capture, management, display, and analytics capabilities that enable you to configure custom solutions for your clients. We’ll support you in integrating Rivet Works either as an extension or directly with our platform API as a way to optimize the performance of your ongoing marketing and dramatically increase conversions.

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Do you need to automate marketing efforts that increase conversions on your website?
Are you struggling to come up with content to share on your social accounts?
Get the extension today.