Is EGC the new UGC?


According to the The Altimeter Group, employee advocacy is rapidly growing in importance. In 2015, 45 percent of organizations surveyed said it was a top external objective, compared to only 16 percent in 2013. Employee advocacy programs are here to stay, and as a result, a wave of new content is coming. It’s called EGC.

EGC, or “Employee-Generated Content”

Sound familiar? Call it user-generated content’s sibling, just with a different perspective. We know consumers trust the experiences of people they know (83 percent according to Nielsen). When those people are employees, they can offer an inside look at a company’s culture, values, and programs, adding a whole new layer of transparency and believability.

Studies show that an employee advocate is twice as trustworthy as a CEO, with ten times more social media followers than corporate social accounts. Simply put, your employees possess the credibility and reach that organic promotion cannot match.

For White Lodging Services, employee advocacy is used to communicate the benefits of starting a career at White Lodging to prospective employees. Many of their employees have started in front desk or kitchen roles and have been promoted over time to the regional VP or General Manager level. These stories serve as powerful testaments to be utilized in marketing efforts and attracting new talent. 

Michael Bennett, Vice President of Marketing at White Lodging, notes the impact of using the highly authentic voice that comes from employee advocates.

“Associate storytelling has provided us with a level of authenticity that is difficult to achieve using traditional marketing practices. For example, our recruitment teams use the content to illustrate genuine company culture because it’s coming directly from the associates.”

How can the authenticity offered by the stories of your employee advocates be scaled and leveraged across your marketing and talent acquisition channels?

How do you create EGC?

By engaging employees using a scalable, digital approach, you can efficiently harness the power of employee storytelling. Imagine generating content that includes assets such as photos, videos, and narrative with always-on triggers that can be promoted in a variety of different ways.

For example, you can tap into the passion and energy of new hires. Imagine implementing a trigger within your onboarding process at the 90th day of employment. New hires share enthusiasm with fresh stories, and your organization can utilize this feedback to refine onboarding practices. Also consider your company events, parties, volunteer activities, and team outings. All of these activities are opportunities to capture the heart of your organization.

Now imagine that all of these rich employee stories are discoverable on your website or recruiting hub by attributes such as department, role, years of professional experience, and educational background.

The stories told by your existing talent will help you attract more talent, and promote your brand in a truly authentic way.

Check out live examples of EGC on our Culture page!

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