Global Leader in Prestige Beauty Increases Brand Awareness with Before and After Photos

Prestige Beauty Case Study



Global prestige beauty brand with limited direct consumer exposure.

With more than 25 brands in over 150 countries, this global leader in prestige beauty produces hair and skin products with a focus on organic ingredients and eco-friendly production. Many of the brand’s products are sold through salons, so direct exposure to their consumers is limited.



Drive awareness, believability, and advocacy for new product lines.

With limited direct access to consumers, the client needed to drive awareness, believability, and advocacy for a variety of new products and global initiatives. Additionally, the brand had no visual or written testimonial content that showed off the experiences people have with their products and needed to capture this content directly from users for marketing and promotional materials. Involving consumers in the process of content creation would be crucial to increasing consumer-to-consumer awareness and reach on social media, where authentic visual content and consumer results regarding the brand were scarce.



Captured authentic, visual content to lend credibility to new product lines.

The brand partnered with Rivet and prompted customers to share their authentic usage stories and testimonials through Rivet’s web-based capture experience. The stories added credibility to the new product lines and visually showcased photos of consumers’ results using the products, including “Before and After” pictures.

The Rivet platform’s ability to build context through data was key to improving the brand’s knowledge of their customers to create more relevant, targeted engagement opportunities. Channel partner stores could be identified by either named location or geolocation data captured by Rivet. Capture experiences also collected and tagged user data such as age and hair characteristics including detail on length, type, and color. This tagged content allowed the brand to organize user submissions and created a more relevant, filterable display experience for consumers. Additionally, guests could vote on their favorite looks, view the results via leaderboard, and share their own and their favorites to Facebook and Twitter.


Prestige Beauty Case Study


The brand successfully increased awareness with authentic visual and testimonial content cleared for promotional and marketing use for a variety of products and initiatives.

  • 5000+ photos captured (Nearly 70% were hi-resolution)
  • 97% of users provided profile data
  • 92% of submissions included the location of the channel partner store the consumer most often visits, including nearly 5,000 unique named locations
  • 5000+ opt-ins to direct marketing communication
  • 1500+ social media shares
  • 86,000+ total CRM and profile data points captured