Funky Monkey Fabrics Inspires Creativity with Rivet Works

Funky Monkey Fabrics, Canada’s one stop online fabric shop, is creating a greater connection with shoppers by becoming a source for inspiration.


Melissa Vriesinga, Owner of Funky Monkey Fabrics, started with a simple idea — finding a way to allow her customers to share creative ideas and visuals of projects made with her fabrics. The goal was to help inspire and bring out creativity in consumers, in turn, generating more sales.


User-generated content has proven to enhance the online shopping experience, delivering the context needed for customers to feel confident in their purchase. After all, a recent consumer survey found that the number one reason why shoppers hesitate to make an online purchase is a lack of product information.


In the past, engaging customers to provide project visuals and creative ideas meant manually reaching out and asking them to submit photos of their projects, and then uploading them individually to relevant product pages.


There had to be a better way.



Melissa was able to bring her idea to life by partnering with Rivet Works, which allows her to collect and display product-specific visuals of customer creations at scale. Customers can share multiple photos and project details, and their content is dynamically displayed by Rivet Works on relevant product pages, as well as an Inspiration Gallery.



“I love how everything is linked in so many different places. My customers love to share, but I’ve never had an efficient way to collect and display their content. The platform saves me 5-10 hours per week — plus, I wouldn’t be able to display it how Rivet Works does, which is more effective,” said Melissa about her experience with Rivet Works.


Since launching in February, Funky Monkey Fabrics has collected over 1200 customer submissions, turning the site into a resource for shoppers looking to discover their next project. When someone finds a project they like, they can easily click through to purchase the fabric used in the creation. In fact, the average conversion lift for shoppers that interact with Rivet Works content is 521%!


Melissa reflected on her decision to try Rivet Works, saying, “I’m really glad I did. I think this is a wonderful tool that helps display products in their natural environment. I’ve been overwhelmed with submissions.”


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