Decked Creates a User-Driven Site Experience with Rivet Works

Decked, a company known for its innovative truck and van storage systems, is taking the same forward-thinking approach to how their brand story is told. In their case, this means turning the story-telling reigns over to their customers.


Greg Randolph, VP of Marketing at Decked, says, “Decked products represent a paradigm shift in the category, giving consumers a new way to organize the tools and items in their truck or van. It’s a natural fit to allow customers to be able to share with one another how they are using the product.”


The challenge for the Decked team was finding a way to inject this social feel into their shopping experience.



In a recent survey, 57% of consumers said that they would be comfortable sharing content about products directly to a brand, compared to only 4% that said they would be comfortable sharing the same content on their personal social media pages. Furthermore, 53% of shoppers would be more likely to buy from a website that features photos and videos of customers using their products.


Greg and the Decked team decided to pair up with Rivet Works, which featured a direct-engagement approach for collecting product-specific content in visual formats.


“Rivet Works’ ability to collect photos, videos, and stories, then provide customizable displays was what we were looking for. We wanted to see what our customers vehicles looked like, learn how they are using the product, and whether it was for work or personal use,” said Greg.

Shoppers have reacted positively to the addition of user-generated content to the site. In fact, visitors that engage with Rivet Works content are converting 14% higher on average, and also buying 9% more per order.


Greg discusses Rivet Works’ impact on the shopping experience, saying, “Everyone likes to see the experiences of others before making a purchase. Overall, Rivet Works has been great for our site.”


To learn more about Decked, you can visit their store at If you would like to add the Rivet Works app to your Shopify store, you can learn more at