Cycle Stop Valves Builds a Do-it-Yourself Community of with Rivet Works

Cycle Stop Valves, Inc., manufacturer of constant pressure pump control valves and the Cycle Sensor pump monitor, is creating a site experience that is as distinctive as their products.


Karen Austin, Owner of Cycle Stop Valves, recognized the value of having traditional reviews of their products as part of the shopping experience. Given the many ways that the brand’s products can be installed, she saw an opportunity to expand upon the value of reviews with compelling visuals.


“No two customers install our products the same way. For us, pictures are well worth a thousand words,” says Karen.


The question was, would her customers be willing to share?



In a recent consumer survey, 39% of consumers said that they would be willing to submit photos, videos, and stories from a business they purchase from, which was nearly identical with the percentage of consumers that were willing to share text-based reviews (43%). To get her customers submitting content from their projects, Karen felt that Rivet Works was up to the task. 


Karen explained the decision, saying, “The flexibility of Rivet Works made it the perfect solution for our business. For example, Rivet Works allows me to have control over the time delay between a purchase and when we customers to submit content. This way customers have time to finish their projects — there’s nothing worse then getting a request to review a product before you’ve had the chance to use it!”  


In a matter of months, Cycle Stop Valves has built an on-site community of do-it-yourselfers sharing visuals and details from their projects. Their customer-submitted visuals and stories have driven over 30,000 net new interactions, and those that interact with content are 25% more likely to convert.



Karen touches upon the site experience, saying, “There is a ton of value in being able to see the product installed in 50-60 different ways. Customers can now be easily referred to a variety of setups, which is crucial to their shopping experience. Our customers are also having fun with their Rivet Works submissions. For example, we had a Denver Broncos fan include an additional photo of them all dressed up in orange and blue!”


The community continues to grow, creating a site experience that reflects the uniqueness of Cycle Stop Valves and their products.


You can learn more about Cycle Stop Valves, Inc. and their community of customers at If you would like to add the Rivet Works app to your Shopify store, you can learn more at