Customer Success Story: Brookgreen Gardens


Brookgreen Gardens is a historic attraction in South Carolina known for providing an experience rich in culture, with scenery that draws people back year after year. With an 85-year-old track record for excellence, the challenge for Brookgreen was not delivering a wonderful experience. It was bringing the experience to life in their marketing efforts.

The problem: Just as the gardens have changed over the years, so has the process by which consumers discover and evaluate their destination choices.

The solution: The adoption of an engaging content strategy, using the Rivet platform to fuel content creation.

Given the history of Brookgreen Gardens, it was crucial that the content on their site was an authentic representation of the brand. To ensure this, they engaged their most trusted visitors. Customers and volunteers were prompted through email to share content that would inspire others, which was then managed, organized, and displayed with Rivet’s platform.

Compared to the amount of content the Brookgreen marketing team has produced in the past, Rivet’s direct capture method has generated 100x the amount of marketing-ready content. Over 97% of submissions include a photo or video.

To see Brookgreen’s compelling content first hand, visit the Brookgreen Gardens content gallery at