Developing a Crazy Effective Ecommerce Video Strategy (Step by Step)


Introduction Video delivers a unique opportunity for online retailers to engage their customers on a much deeper level and, in turn, often provides a dramatic uptick in your traffic, conversions, and even your customer lifetime value. That said, the popularity of video makes it one of the most widely utilized (and competitive) content formats. In…

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Ecommerce Marketing: 11 Proven Tactics for Advanced Retailers

This is an article for established ecommerce brands that are looking to take their marketing to the next level. This is for brands that have implemented the fundamentals of effective digital marketing and are ready to continue driving the scalable, predictable growth of their store.

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Decked Creates a User-Driven Site Experience with Rivet Works

Decked, a company known for its innovative truck and van storage systems, is taking the same forward-thinking approach to how their brand story is told. In their case, this means turning the story-telling reigns over to their customers.   Greg Randolph, VP of Marketing at Decked, says, “Decked products represent a paradigm shift in the…

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