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Telic Brings Authenticity to Ecommerce with Rivet Works

Telic, maker of the New York Times Reader’s Choice Award for “Best Comfort Shoe,” is creating a blueprint for success in the footwear industry. Recently, the company has adopted an innovative approach to better market their award-winning products.   Terry Stillman, Co-Founder and CEO of Telic, wanted to bring the brand closer to its online…

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Funky Monkey Fabrics Inspires Creativity with Rivet Works

Funky Monkey Fabrics, Canada’s one stop online fabric shop, is creating a greater connection with shoppers by becoming a source for inspiration.   Melissa Vriesinga, Owner of Funky Monkey Fabrics, started with a simple idea — finding a way to allow her customers to share creative ideas and visuals of projects made with her fabrics.…

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BikemanforU Puts Customers Front and Center With Rivet Works

BikemanforU, a family bike shop with 38 years experience in the bicycle industry, has always been dedicated to involving their audience in creating great content.   The shop has built an audience of followers through their award-winning YouTube channel, where they host Bike Shop LIVE. The weekly live stream provides tips, tricks, and entertainment, often…

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Decked Creates a User-Driven Site Experience with Rivet Works

Decked, a company known for its innovative truck and van storage systems, is taking the same forward-thinking approach to how their brand story is told. In their case, this means turning the story-telling reigns over to their customers.   Greg Randolph, VP of Marketing at Decked, says, “Decked products represent a paradigm shift in the…

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Cycle Stop Valves Builds a Do-it-Yourself Community of with Rivet Works

Cycle Stop Valves, Inc., manufacturer of constant pressure pump control valves and the Cycle Sensor pump monitor, is creating a site experience that is as distinctive as their products.   Karen Austin, Owner of Cycle Stop Valves, recognized the value of having traditional reviews of their products as part of the shopping experience. Given the…

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TravelStore Customer Sets Rivet Works Record

Since launching our multi-photo upload feature, it’s been clear that consumers are not only willing to share visual content with brands, but lots of it. In particular, a recent submission we found from TravelStore customer Rebekah B. has raised the bar to a whole new level.   In addition to providing multiple 5-star reviews, narrative,…

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Video Case Study: CrateInsider.com & Rivet Works for BigCommerce


Kate Dillon, Founder and CEO of CrateInsider.com, grew up racing. Dillon’s business and its network of experts are dedicated to growing and sustaining the Crate Racing industry. Their goal is to connect the people and products that propel the industry forward. Passion is at the heart of this connection, and Dillon wanted to tap into…

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Rivet Works Launches First BigCommerce Integrated Customer


For retailers, the opportunity to take their business online is more attractive than ever. In 2015, e-commerce sales accounted for 60.4% of total retail sales growth. Making the transition from brick-and-mortar to an online store can offer many benefits — such as greater reach and enhanced reporting abilities — yet this move is not without…

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Moffitt Cancer Center Partners with Rivet to Launch Community of Courage


For over 30 years, Moffitt Cancer Center has been making a lasting impact in the fight against cancer. With so much experience working on cancer prevention and towards a cure, their story is one that deserves to be told. This past November, Moffitt launched Community of Courage, a site featuring powerful stories from cancer survivors,…

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Customer Success Story: Brookgreen Gardens


Brookgreen Gardens is a historic attraction in South Carolina known for providing an experience rich in culture, with scenery that draws people back year after year. With an 85-year-old track record for excellence, the challenge for Brookgreen was not delivering a wonderful experience. It was bringing the experience to life in their marketing efforts. The…

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