Storytelling Converts


Our own Dianna Koltz recently sat down with Roland Jimenez and Austin Olsen from ACK to talk about their retail eCommerce strategies, content marketing with UGC, and the success they’ve seen leveraging customer stories (sourced through Rivet, of course). Learn how outdoor retailer ACK uses authentic customer experiences captured by Rivet’s storytelling platform to drive conversion, increase…

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What’s Next? Storytelling at Scale


The market is cluttered with digital solutions for reaching, engaging, and converting consumers. How do you know what really works and what to take to your clients as “the next innovative thing to try”? You don’t.That’s why you do your due diligence and focus on results. In this 30-minute power webinar, see how brands like T-Mobile,…

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Winning with a Comprehensive UGC Strategy


Imagine riveting customer narratives flowing directly to you. Where each narrative has beautiful, high-definition photo and video content supporting it. And this content drives 300% greater site traffic, boosts conversion rates, and fuels your email and social marketing teams with fresh content every day. Finally, imagine there is no manual effort to generate this content. Rivet’s…

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