3 Opportunities To Create Job Postings That Convert


Written by guest blogger Will Staney   Having a content marketing approach to recruitment marketing has become a vital component of the recruiting process, and for good reason. Of employees that are considering a change in their career, 75% are passive, meaning that while they are consuming content, they aren’t seriously looking for a new position.  …

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10 Creative Ways to Use Rivet-Generated Content to Fuel Recruiting


In a recent NFIB report, 48% of respondents reported that there are “few or no qualified applications” for the positions they were trying to fill. Is the problem really a lack of talent, or is it time for a change in recruiting practices? … Content has had a significant impact on the marketing community, and…

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Unexpected Audiences: Why More Content is Needed for Recruiting

Content Marketing is a long-term process in which companies repeatedly engage their audience – typically, prospects and customers – building a relationship as individuals move through the sales funnel. Eighty-nine percent of companies that use content report success, and adoption continues to grow. In fact, 77% of B2C organizations are increasing content production this year.…

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Is EGC the new UGC?


According to the The Altimeter Group, employee advocacy is rapidly growing in importance. In 2015, 45 percent of organizations surveyed said it was a top external objective, compared to only 16 percent in 2013. Employee advocacy programs are here to stay, and as a result, a wave of new content is coming. It’s called EGC.…

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