Myth vs. Reality: “User-Generated Content is Ugly”

Like it or not, user-generated content is here to stay. According to Kissmetrics, 25% of search results for the world’s 20 largest brands are links to UGC. Further driving this trend is the success that many brands are having with this content format. On a broad scale, visitors to websites that include UGC galleries spend…

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3 User-Generated Content Formats That Will Boost Your Credibility

Forbes says we live in the world of the “Empowered Customer.” Through connectivity, an abundance of choice, and the ability to find instant gratification, customers have more influence on brands, and one another, than ever. Should marketers see this level of consumer influence as a challenge, or an opportunity? According to Nielsen’s Global Trust in…

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Omni-Channel Retailing: Can You Produce the Content to Keep Up?

The days of the traditional sales funnel are long gone. The information age has led to a more intelligent decision making process, with 81% of shoppers conducting online research before they make a purchase. Where “push” tactics were once the standard, marketers have had to make a switch over to “pull” strategies that draw customers…

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Video Case Study: & Rivet Works for BigCommerce


Kate Dillon, Founder and CEO of, grew up racing. Dillon’s business and its network of experts are dedicated to growing and sustaining the Crate Racing industry. Their goal is to connect the people and products that propel the industry forward. Passion is at the heart of this connection, and Dillon wanted to tap into…

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Rivet’s Guide to Incentives


Launching an incentive with your campaign to capture customer experiences can potentially net you 10x the amount of content you’d otherwise receive without an incentive. Launching a contest or sweepstakes is a great way to kickstart your organization’s content generation efforts. Incentivising the act of contributing content with a reward or chance to win a…

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Holiday Marketing and Influencing Purchases [Infographic]


When you’re all about the world of digital marketing, sharing is a huge part of the game. That being said, we give credit where credit is due for content we think our readers will enjoy. Created by The Shelf, this infographic features some great UGC statistics and insight for marketers looking to maximize their impact…

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Retailing Today


As companies increasingly turn to user-generated content (UGC) to promote their products, Rivet Works has announced its launch as the first content marketing software designed to boost active engagement between people and their favorite brands. “Customer experience has emerged as the leading driver of commerce, and is positioned to have an ever-increasing influence on buying…

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