Why “Ugly” User-Generated Content is What Your Audience Wants


User-generated content is here to stay. According to Kissmetrics, 25% of search results for the world’s 20 largest brands are links to UGC. As the list of highly-influential brands embracing their audience as content creators continues to grow, the case for collaboration becomes stronger. Further driving this trend is the success that many brands are…

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3 Opportunities To Create Job Postings That Convert


Written by guest blogger Will Staney   Having a content marketing approach to recruitment marketing has become a vital component of the recruiting process, and for good reason. Of employees that are considering a change in their career, 75% are passive, meaning that while they are consuming content, they aren’t seriously looking for a new position.  …

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Rivet’s Content Generation Maturity Model


The Case for Great Content There are many reasons that a business may want to produce content, but none more compelling than this: the best content offers compounding returns (see our recent blog post on compounding content).  Great content gains value over time, surpassing the initial traffic produced at publication. If your content delivers big…

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How to Create Content that Delivers Compounding Results


Content is time-consuming and difficult to produce at scale. If you are making an investment to generate more and better content, maximizing the value of each asset is critical.   According to the Content Marketing Institute, the average half-life of a Tweet is less than three hours. On Facebook, five hours will give you 75%…

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Understanding Content Performance in the Era of Dark Social


Content marketers are faced with the challenge of crafting the right message, and then delivering it to the right audience, at the right time. Strategy is greatly influenced by the understanding derived from measuring awareness and engagement. The reality is, 50% of marketers say that measuring the effectiveness of their content is a top challenge.…

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