Our Core Values


We make decisions that are consistent with truth, honor, and doing the right thing.

We put what's right above what's best for us.

When challenged, we take the high road with our customers, partners, and each other.


We value each others' experiences, thoughts, and emotions.

We know that in a respectful environment all voices can be heard and the best ideas come forth.

We will speak up and stand up where we see disrespect.


We look at everything and ask how it can be made better.

Processes, technology, creativity, ourselves, and our culture all demand continual innovation.

We are relentless in our pursuit of making everything we do tomorrow better and smarter than we do today.


We spend our time and efforts on what fuels us.

We know that we are more productive and happier when our actions are aligned with our passions.

Whether we wear our hearts on our sleeves or remain cool and collected, we vow to tap into our passion each day to help us and those around us succeed.


Results matter and we are firmly committed to them.

We set nearly unobtainable goals and push ourselves to achieve them.

We take direct responsibility for contributing to the team, holding ourselves accountable and thanking others for holding us accountable to deliver.

Honest Dialog

We are ready to receive and give honest criticism on ideas and plans in the moment and do not back away from those opportunities.

We commit to providing personal feedback about team members to them directly and in a private setting.

We are transparent with our customers to achieve the best outcomes for everyone and challenge them to do the same.


We know that perfect is the enemy of done.

We apply judgment to spend enough but not too much time on any task.

We know that time is our most precious resource and vigilantly defend it in the face of distractions and perfection.


We allow ourselves to think without constraints to envision the reality we want.

We inspire one another with originality, lateral thought, and freshness that amplifies the talents of those around us.

We make real our imagination which is potent and is reflected in how we communicate, what we build, and how we operate.

Benefits & Perks

  • Unlimited vacation
  • Partially-subsidized health insurance
  • 401k
  • Stock options
  • Casual and relaxed work environment
  • Let your stomach decide! Lunch provided every Wednesday, breakfast provided every Friday
  • Impromptu games and competitions (our office is outfitted with a kegerator, ping pong table, and a classic Atari console)
  • Daily “gongs” for sales, product releases, and important wins
  • Bi-weekly all-company gatherings for exchanging important news and celebrating recent successes
  • Quarterly company events
  • Smart, amazing people

Inside Rivet Works