Case Studies Uses UGC as Cornerstone of Content Strategy, Increases Engagement & Time On Site with Rivet Works Platform

Read the case study wants to move up the funnel and be a place that people come for inspiration long before they know what they want to install, and they have developed a robust content strategy to get them there.

At the center of this content strategy is user-generated content (UGC) – customer stories and people’s project experiences – that serves as unbiased inspiration from customers, for customers.

Rivet Works provided a solution for collecting, managing, and displaying authentic, socially-oriented customer stories.

Learn how has harnessed the power of Rivet Works-collected UGC to kickstart creative and highly successful content marketing campaigns by downloading the case study.


Justin Bergson
“The value of providing real photos and unbiased examples of products installed in people’s homes will be a game changer and separate us from our competition.”

-Justin Bergson, Content Marketing Strategist

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