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Rivet Works Drives 141%+ Conversion Increase for Summit Sports Brand, ACK

  After automatically collecting and displaying authentic customer stories on product pages, Rivet Works' technology brings a significant ...

Cycle Stop Valves Builds a Do-it-Yourself Community of with Rivet Works

Oct 11, 2017

Cycle Stop Valves, Inc., manufacturer of constant pressure pump control valves and the Cycle Sensor pump monitor, is creating a site experience that is as distinctive as their products.   Karen Austin, Owner of Cycle Stop Valves, recognized the value of having traditional reviews of their products as part of the shopping experience. Given the…

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TravelStore Customer Sets Rivet Works Record

Sep 7, 2017

Since launching our multi-photo upload feature, it’s been clear that consumers are not only willing to share visual content with brands, but lots of it. In particular, a recent submission we found from TravelStore customer Rebekah B. has raised the bar to a whole new level.   In addition to providing multiple 5-star reviews, narrative,…

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Product Marketing for the Inbound Age

Aug 29, 2017

As modern marketers, we communicate to an audience that takes a selective approach to how they engage with brands. Given this reality, marketers have learned that attention is earned by using inbound approach to genuinely build interest. In 2016, 86% of B2C organizations reported that they are using content marketing to engage their audience.   As…

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3 Ways to Build Compounding Value with UGC

Aug 28, 2017

According to the Content Marketing Institute, the average half-life of a Tweet is less than three hours. On Facebook, five hours will give you 75% of all the views you will get for a post. An average blog article reaches just about everyone it’s going to reach in 37 days. Odds are, you have a…

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7 Creative User-Generated Photo & Video Uses

Aug 25, 2017

In a world where seeing is believing, social proof, particularly in visual formats, has become vital to your ecommerce success. The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, which is important given the steady increase in content on the web, as well as our declining attention span as consumers. Engaging your customer to…

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How to Improve SEO Rankings with User-Generated Content

Aug 25, 2017

Through interactions with thousands of ecommerce retailers, one of the most common goals we hear about is increasing traffic. There’s plenty of tactics available to drive more shoppers to your site, yet one topic always seems to work it’s way into the conversation: search engine optimization.   Why is SEO so important?     According…

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Myth vs. Reality: “User-Generated Content is Ugly”

Aug 25, 2017

Like it or not, user-generated content is here to stay. According to Kissmetrics, 25% of search results for the world’s 20 largest brands are links to UGC. Further driving this trend is the success that many brands are having with this content format. On a broad scale, visitors to websites that include UGC galleries spend…

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3 User-Generated Content Formats That Will Boost Your Credibility

Aug 20, 2017

Forbes says we live in the world of the “Empowered Customer.” Through connectivity, an abundance of choice, and the ability to find instant gratification, customers have more influence on brands, and one another, than ever. Should marketers see this level of consumer influence as a challenge, or an opportunity? According to Nielsen’s Global Trust in…

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Omni-Channel Retailing: Can You Produce the Content to Keep Up?

Aug 17, 2017

The days of the traditional sales funnel are long gone. The information age has led to a more intelligent decision making process, with 81% of shoppers conducting online research before they make a purchase. Where “push” tactics were once the standard, marketers have had to make a switch over to “pull” strategies that draw customers…

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