BikemanforU Puts Customers Front and Center With Rivet Works

BikemanforU, a family bike shop with 38 years experience in the bicycle industry, has always been dedicated to involving their audience in creating great content.


The shop has built an audience of followers through their award-winning YouTube channel, where they host Bike Shop LIVE. The weekly live stream provides tips, tricks, and entertainment, often times featuring content submitted by their customers.


The challenge for BikemanforU has always been bringing the same experience to their BigCommerce store, where they sell bike parts and accessories.


BikemanforU’s Head of Marketing, Pamela Reid, discussed their former process of capturing content from customers, saying “ We were using our YouTube channel to encourage fans and customers to send us photos of their bikes and purchases made on our website. As content came in, I’d forward the email to the Bike Shop LIVE crew with instructions to read it in our YouTube live stream. We would also post the photo on a wall in our brick-and-mortar shop.”


With the amount of working already going into collecting and delivering media to their audience, how could the team possibly tack on publishing to another channel?



In an effort to bring user-generated content to their BigCommerce store, BikemanforU teamed up with Rivet Works.


“We have a beautiful gallery of customer photos and stories on the site. Rivet Works puts our customers fans front and center, presenting their full-on experiences on our website complete with photos and commentary,” said Pamela about her experience with Rivet Works thus far.



Aside from building an on-site community of bike enthusiasts, BikemanforU is also experiencing positive results from their investment. Shoppers that interact with Rivet Works content are converting 415% higher on average, further cementing user-generated content as a key part of BikemanforU’s strategy.


Moving forward with Rivet Works, Pamela says, “The possibilities are endless! I love the suggestions for blog posts that come from Rivet Works. It’s exciting to work with people who are enthusiastic about what they do – which the Rivet Works team is!”


To learn more about BikemanforU, check out their YouTube channel here.

If you would like to add the Rivet Works app to your BigCommerce Store, visit to learn more.