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Using BigCommerce? Get Rivet Works

Rivet Works for BigCommerce makes it easy to collect customer-generated content and use it on your website and social accounts to drive higher conversion rates!


Rivet Works for Everyone

Learn how other sellers, like you, use the app to capture content and grow their business.


Rivet Works for Automotive

“I didn’t have to do anything other than answer a few questions! Rivet Works took care of all of the code and all of the implementation. And they followed up! Wow! I’ve had a couple of questions along the way, and they’ve always responded in a very timely fashion. I have been impressed along every step of this journey! Right now, I feel there is a greater connection between my customers and my company. I look forward to utilizing this content to strengthen my customer base and encouraging new customers to be a part of it.”

— Kate Dillon,

Rivet Works for Arts and Crafts

“I love how everything is linked in so many different places. My customers love to share, but I’ve never had an efficient way to collect and display their content. The platform saves me 5-10 hours per week — plus, I wouldn’t be able to display it how Rivet Works does, which is more effective. I think this is a wonderful tool that helps display products in their natural environment. I’ve been overwhelmed with submissions!”

— Melissa Vriesinga, Funky Monkey Fabrics


Rivet Works for Outdoors and
Sporting Goods

“We have a beautiful gallery of customer photos and stories on the site. Rivet Works puts our customers fans front and center, presenting their full-on experiences on our website complete with photos and commentary. The possibilities are endless! I love the suggestions for blog posts that come from Rivet Works. It’s exciting to work with people who are enthusiastic about what they do – which the Rivet Works team is!”

— Pamela Reid, BikemanforU


Increase Sales

53% of shoppers would be more likely to buy from a website that features photos and videos of customers using their product.


Always Have New Content to Share

57% of consumers said that they would be comfortable sharing content about products directly to a brand, compared to only 4% that said they would be comfortable sharing the same content on their personal social media pages.


Save Time

Who has time to take on more? On average stores are saving 3 hours a week. With our content app, you can take on a sophisticated marketing strategy without adding to your to-do list.

Here's How it Works:


1. Collect

Rivet Works sends email invitations to your customers asking them to submit stories about their experiences. These stories are tailored for you and include photos, videos, location, long narrative or short comments, and lots of data.


2. Post

Each piece of content you receive may be used in your social channels immediately. Our Post to Facebook feature makes getting your content out on social incredibly easy. In just a few clicks you can schedule posts with authentic, high-performing content.


3. Display

You can moderate and control the stories we deliver to sites, stores, and social media. Our displays automatically show the "right" content, building trust and influencing buy, try, or sign-up decisions.


4. Improve

Your content is organized because we automatically add tags, categories, and locations to people's stories. You'll learn what works and how to use it--like an email notification when a piece of content is ripe for social posting.

Using BigCommerce? Get Rivet Works


Looking to increase conversions on your website? Finding it difficult to come
up with content to share on your social accounts? Get the app today.

It’s easy and it only takes a few minutes to get started.