About Us

Rivet Works is a software platform that deploys authentic customer stories and experiences in the form of videos, photos, audio, and written narratives for brands and organizations to drive three strategic outcomes—higher sales, stronger brand, and excellence in operations. Why do we do this? Because when people can see, hear, and read the experiences of others, they make better purchase decisions while companies become smarter, more agile, and better loved by their customers.


We do this today for rapidly-growing online retailers as well as global organizations in food and beverage, travel, retail, insurance, automotive, apparel, and non-profit industries. Our turnkey integration with leading ecommerce platforms and powerful web-services API mean that any brand, anywhere in the world, can activate Rivet Works in just minutes.


Rivet Works offers packaged solutions to automatically capture, manage, and deploy impactful, business-changing content throughout a brand's entire digital strategy. We also offer open platform access for innovative organizations who want to envision the future and build it with no constraints. Learn more about our packages here. For open platform access, drop us a note and we'd love to talk with you about how we help make your vision a reality.