7 Ways to Make Content the Next Big Thing On Campus


Each of the approximately 5,300 colleges and universities in the United States seek to promote their unique identity to prospective students, parents, and alumni. 

Differentiating from the competition means that you cannot simply rely on statistics and a reputation of legacy to attract applicants and donors. Colleges must bring their audience closer, show them what’s happening on campus, and truly give them a feel for the pulse of the institution. 

Here are 7 ways for colleges and universities to showcase their campuses using Rivet-generated content. 

1. Student blog

The experience of going to college can be a daunting one, and what better way for new students to learn the ropes than from their older peers? A Rivet-powered student blog can be a resource for students to post tips on moving into the dorms, scheduling classes, or even doing laundry for the first time. 


2. Map with location-based memories 

Using the Rivet Map display, students and alumni can share their favorite memories tied to any location on campus. Whether it was their first time going to a football game, or making your first presentation in class, prospective students can quickly navigate through stories and gain insight into campus life. 


3. Dining hall reviews

Colleges are placing increased emphasis on food offerings as part of their recruitment efforts. By allowing students to review dining halls and even featured dishes, schools can gain valuable insight to make their food offerings the best they can be, increasing meal plan sales. 


4. On-campus videos

With Rivet’s video capture capabilities, schools can prompt students to take short videos of themselves doing their favorite campus activities. Video submissions can then be promoted individually, or compiled to create a video that showcases all that campus life has to offer. 


5. Professor interviews on trending topics

Professors are a trusted audience for students, and their credibility extends beyond the classroom. Interview professors on topics the students, parents, and alumni care about and convert them to weekly blog posts. This will keep a wide audience coming back to your site on a regular basis. 


6. Alumni newsletter

In 2015, charitable donations to colleges hit a record $40.3 billion. Using the Rivet platform, alumni can submit their favorite college stories, share what they are up to, and participate in interactive polls, increasing engagement in the alumni community. This also provides a way to keep recent grads involved that don’t have the dollars to make a donation just yet. 


7. Parent guides

Parents are an important part of the decision-making process when it comes to choosing a school. Using testimonial content, hi-resolution visuals, and Rivet-generated data, make their visit a memorable one by providing guides that showcase your campus in a way that appeals to their sensibilities.