7 Creative User-Generated Photo & Video Uses

In a world where seeing is believing, social proof, particularly in visual formats, has become vital to your ecommerce success. The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text, which is important given the steady increase in content on the web, as well as our declining attention span as consumers.

Engaging your customer to submit content will help you get more visuals, but that’s only half the battle. Its equally important to know what types of content will inspire shoppers to take action on your site.


To help you along, here are 7 creative user-generated photo and video uses :


1. Product Photos

User-generated product photos are common, and for good reason. Authentic photos of customers showcasing your product delivers key context, eliminating the common concern that reality won’t match up with what is featured in your stock product images. Increase shopper confidence, increase conversion, and reduce returns!











2. Storytelling

Who doesn’t love a good story? Storytelling, in both photo and video formats, is highly entertaining and inspirational. This type of content may not always put your products front and center in the eyes of the viewer, but features them as a part of a personal experience that resonates well with visitors.


3. Product Use Videos

Think product photos in motion. Your customers can highlight their favorite features or unique product uses, inspiring shoppers seeking for a similar experience. These videos are also great for understanding consumer behavior, supporting your product development efforts.











4. Video Reviews/Testimonials

Traditional reviews are highly influential in a shopper’s decision making process, yet remain far less engaging than visual content. Asking customers to submit reviews in video format maintains (if not enhances) the credibility of a text-based review, and places it in a format that shoppers will be more likely to engage with.


5. Tutorial Videos

Similar to product use videos, tutorials show your product in action with an added benefit; they are educational, and therefore, even more valuable. Educating shoppers, as well as existing customers, strengthens your relationship and positions your store as a trusted source of value.











6. Unboxing Videos

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, shoppers consistently engage with this content. The logic here is similar to why product photos are effective, but pairs a visual with the initial human reaction of the customer. Rather than directing shoppers off to YouTube to find an unboxing video, why not feature them on your product pages?


7. Before & After

Transformations are powerful and highly effective at drawing shoppers in for a closer look. Before and after photos demonstrate such change, from home remodels to new hair styles and so much more. If you are in the business of improving something, this type of content is a must.











What is the best type of content for my business?

Every business is different, and so are your customers. There are a variety of motivating factors that contribute to a purchase decision, and your content should reflect this behavior. Starting broad will help you to build initial content volume and appeal to a variety of shoppers. Once you have established content volume, evaluate submissions based on engagement to better understand what visitors to your site find valuable.