3 Ways to Build Compounding Value with UGC

According to the Content Marketing Institute, the average half-life of a Tweet is less than three hours. On Facebook, five hours will give you 75% of all the views you will get for a post. An average blog article reaches just about everyone it’s going to reach in 37 days. Odds are, you have a business to run, so who has the time to keep up?


These numbers don’t lie, but they also don’t tell the whole story.


The reality is that not all content is created equal. Generally, most of the content produced by your brand loses value as time goes on. By no means does this imply a lack in quality; it’s just the nature of how most content is created. Typically your social posts, emails, and blog articles are tied to an offer, event, or timely trend that is bound to change.

While most content has a clear expiration date, it is possible to go the opposite direction. Content with value that increases over time is often referred to as “compounding” or “evergreen.” Since viewership remains constant as time passes, you experience a compound effect on views as you add new content. The graph below illustrates this idea:



More often than not, user-generated content falls into this “evergreen” category. Experiences with your products and brand have no expiration date, holding their value in the shopping experience over time. As these submissions grow older and new content is added, they form a library of unique products uses, experiences, and reviews.


3 Ways to Get More Compounding Content


Make it about your customers


When customers submit content about themselves, shoppers identify with the person rather than the product. Their search for a product becomes a search for an experience, style, or idea. As you increase the variety of content about real people, your brand becomes relatable to a larger audience.

Consider this example from Seek Outside:



Rather than just a review about the tent and stove, this short story, at its core, is about this customer’s bear hunting experience. While the products may change, this story will maintain its relatability over time. As an added bonus, the testimonial about Seek Outside’s products make the brand a destination for shoppers looking to purchase gear for a similar adventure.

Now consider there are multiple stories about the same type of experience on site. As each new story is added, they do not replace one another, rather build upon the value provided by the others, and the credibility that goes to the brand.


Ask for content that delivers value


Asking customers to submit content that delivers value is a great way to keep shoppers coming back to your site. “How-to” and product-use videos are obvious choices here, but value comes in many forms, such as inspiration, entertainment, or education.

The beauty of content created by your customers is that it often delivers in multiple areas. For example, this submission from C.B. Gitty features multiple photos and walks visitors through how the guitar was built.



Customers looking for an interesting guitar idea can quickly find value in the images, but this customer also gives specific instructions on the materials that were used in the project. When another customer submits their version of the same guitar, it’s likely that they will have used a different method or materials. As you add more projects, you create a library of useful resources for site visitors.


Ask for content that will make others want to share


Content that inspires the creation of other content is the definition of compounding! It also incites FOMO, or fear of missing out. A library of customer-generated content can create a community, which implies inclusion. When shoppers view your content, are they going to want to be part of that community? Create this feeling, and you’re onto something special.

Consider Jeep People. Their content represents a community of customers that own cool Jeeps and share their experiences, rides, and parts recommendations. The walk-around photos of custom Jeeps and off-roading videos of customers showing off will make any Jeep owner want to get in on the action.