3 Opportunities To Create Job Postings That Convert


Written by guest blogger Will Staney


Having a content marketing approach to recruitment marketing has become a vital component of the recruiting process, and for good reason. Of employees that are considering a change in their career, 75% are passive, meaning that while they are consuming content, they aren’t seriously looking for a new position.
As companies align their talent acquisition strategy with the evolving and multi-channel approach people are taking to find a job, content marketing for employer branding and recruitment marketing is becoming the new norm.
Despite this “content recruiting” movement, one element of the recruiting process seems to be uninfluenced by this change in strategy: the job posting. Companies have made efforts to infuse great content into their websites to build their employer brand, yet the job posting has remained an afterthought.
If you’re struggling with creating job postings that stand out, attract top talent, and convert, here are three opportunities for improvement:


Opportunity #1: A change in perspective

Navigate to most career pages and you will likely encounter job postings promoting career opportunities in the singular voice of a company. Recruits, especially young professionals, have grown tired of this perspective, and less trusting. Given that 65% of Millennials are more skeptical of claims made by employers now than they were in 2011, a more authentic voice is required.
Enter employee-generated content, or “EGC.” Injecting this content into job postings provides a change in perspective by using the authentic voice of employee advocates. A day-in-the-life description or testimonial delivered by someone that actually performs that role provides a level of credibility and relevance that top recruits expect, and will differentiate you from the competition.



Opportunity #2: The demand for visual content

The common job posting features a bulleted list of responsibilities, required and recommended qualifications, and maybe a quick summary of what makes your organization great. When you think about the amazing interactive and visual content that currently exists, this format quickly begins to feel antiquated. In fact, it starts to seem more like a person description than a job description, listing the many skills they are looking for in an individual for the role rather than truly describing what the job is truly like day to day.
Video has been the next big thing in content for quite some time. In fact, Syndacast predicts that 74% of all Internet traffic in 2017 will be streaming video. Furthermore, the average website visitor spends 88% more time on sites with video content. So give the people what they want. Highlighting the specific team they would be working with, video job descriptions with the hiring manager explaining what they are looking for, and videos on the company culture are a variety of ways you can leverage video to create more engaging job postings.



Opportunity #3: The rise of social recruiting

Your ability to reach top talent starts with effectively promoting your employer brand where recruits are most active in their search. This means that your job posting should be shareable via share links on every job. Make it easy for people viewing the jobs on your career site to share with a friend or colleague.
In addition to making your jobs shareable, take a content marketing approach to sharing your jobs on social media by posting engaging content like pictures, videos, or blogs then linking to relevant jobs that relate to that posting that will drive interested passive candidates to your openings. For example, if you’re trying to hire engineers, post a video or blog post of an engineering leader talking about an exciting new product or technology their team is working on, then link to roles on their team within the post.
Social media is used by 79% of job seekers in their job search, yet nearly two out of every three employees say their employer does not — or does not know how to — use social media to promote job openings. Start aligning your social recruiting content strategy to your strategic hiring initiatives and you’ll see more qualified candidates coming in to your positions.



Looking Forward

Capitalizing on these opportunities will ultimately depend on your ability to consistently deliver quality content in a variety of formats. Looking to the future, expect an increase in the adoption of automation to scale content generation for talent acquisition efforts. Variety and relevance are crucial to connecting with your audience, especially when promoting your employer brand, and the ability to produce more and better content at scale will be the key to creating targeted, compelling job postings. 



About Will Staney

Will is the Founder and a Principal Consultant of Proactive Talent Strategies, LLC, a consulting company focused on talent acquisition strategy, employer branding and training. He is the former Head of Global Talent Acquisition at rapidly-growing startups Twilio and Glassdoor. Prior to that, he held recruiting leadership roles at enterprise software leaders VMware, SuccessFactors and SAP where he lead strategic programs including employer branding, sourcing strategy, recruiting operations and systems process design.
Will Staney is an influential voice in the HR and recruiting space. He regularly speaks on new media marketing, recruiting, and employer branding.