10 Creative Ways to Use Rivet-Generated Content to Fuel Recruiting


In a recent NFIB report, 48% of respondents reported that there are “few or no qualified applications” for the positions they were trying to fill.

Is the problem really a lack of talent, or is it time for a change in recruiting practices?

Content has had a significant impact on the marketing community, and now it’s time to consider how providing value through content can enhance your ability to attract top talent.

Here’s 10 creative ways that recruiters can use Rivet-generated content to draw the attention and interest of prospective employees:


1. Employee Testimonial Quote Wall or Feed

In terms of effectiveness, testimonial content features an 89% rating, which is higher than all other content types. Capturing employee-generated content is easy using the Rivet platform, and you can leverage and display this powerful content on your website using a quote wall or feed.  See our Culture Page for an example.


2. Top 10 List Blog Posts & Articles

Top 10 lists show how a single Rivet collector task can fuel an entire content theme. Ask your employees a question such as “Why do you love working for the company?” and highlight the different responses in a blog post.


3. Employer Brand Videos

There are a variety of ways to create compelling recruiting videos using the Rivet platform. Video interviews or testimonials, photos, and data from existing employees can be captured and used to make a video that promotes your brand and culture to a broad recruiting audience.


4. Top Tips for Getting Hired 

The true purpose of content is to provide value, right? Become a resource for information by capturing insight from hiring managers to compile a series of blog posts with tips that will set recruits up for success.


5. Social Media Posts

Glassdoor reports that 79% of job seekers will use social media in their search. Rivet-generated content and data sourced from your employees provides an endless supply of visual assets and pithy narrative, keeping recruits engaged with your brand.


6. Case Studies 

We often think of case studies in terms of what we’ve done for our clients, but what about showcasing the results of a new employee incentive program, or a study on organizational behavior? Rivet’s platform provides the surveying capabilities and data collection needed to provide content for a variety of HR-related case studies.


7. Infographics 

Looking for a way to show the statistics from your latest employee survey or report on overall employee sentiment in a visually appealing way? Infographics are great ways to aggregate data collected via Rivet and display it in an easy-to-digest fashion.


8. Virtual Office Tour 

Your office says a lot about the culture of your organization. Using Rivet’s video and photo capture capabilities, you can put together a virtual tour that will give recruits an idea of the environment they could be working in.


9. Employee Profiles 

Top recruits want to work with the best, so it’s important to show off the talented employees currently working at your company. Profiles can also give recruits a better idea of the ideal type of person you are looking for to fill a given role. Build profiles for your employees by asking them questions about their hobbies, favorite aspects of the job, and other data points via a Rivet capture experience.


10. Event Showcases 

Many companies participate in team building exercises and company functions to increase community involvement. By using the Rivet platform to capture and display content from your internal company events, recruits can gain key insight into team values.