Capture Meaningful Customer Experiences

Influence clicks, shares, and conversions in social and on your website.

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Use an ecommerce storefront?
Our app is designed specifically for you.


Invite people to share their experiences with your products and brands.

Show their experiences throughout your website and on social media.

Learn what content performs the best and how you should be using it.

Collect customer experiences with your products

Your customers receive an email invitation asking them to submit stories about their experiences. Submissions are tailored for you and include:

Videos and photos
Long narrative and short comments
Lots of info about your customers

Display your customer experiences on social and across your site

Moderate and control the stories we deliver to sites, stores, and social media. Our displays automatically show the "right" content, building trust and influencing buy, try, or sign-up decisions. Post to social daily, and give your customers multiple opportunities to share.

One-click moderation
Quick-loading, responsive displays
Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest sharing

Improve performance and optimize sales and marketing

Your content is organized because we automatically add tags, categories, and locations to people's stories. You'll learn what works and how to use it.

Multiple product tagging
Conversion tracking and reporting
Top content notifications

Customers dig us

What a great idea! Wish I'd known about Rivet Works earlier. Easy to work with, customer service is responsive, and my sales are up. What's not to like?

- Rob Longenecker, Owner of

I am so glad I have it enabled on my site, and I consider Rivet to be my most valuable BigCommerce app, hands down. Thanks Rivet!

- Debra Shaw, Owner of

I was worried that customers wouldn't participate, or if they did, I was concerned that they wouldn't post quality content. Their responses have blown me away.

- Kate Dillon, Owner of

I think this is a wonderful tool that helps display products in their natural environment. I've been overwhelmed with submissions.

- Melissa Vriesinga, Owner of

Have been nothing if not pleasantly surprised with the results. Great product/ glad I gave it a try.

- Karen Austin, Owner of

Let's chat about how Rivet Works can help you capture meaningful customer experiences.